[Sunday Sayings] …from the desk of Darrell Dean – October 6, 2019

[Sunday Sayings] …from the desk of Darrell Dean – October 6, 2019


Welcome to this week’s “Sunday Sayings” newsletter.

Each Sunday I will share with you some motivational stuff I came across in my travels during the past week.  Please free free to leave a comment.  Enjoy!


1) John C. Maxwell:

“A smart person believes only half of what he hears, but a really smart person knows which half to believe.”


2)  John C. Maxwell:

“If I believe that as a leader, my people should be serving me, then I’m not going to be able to serve them.”


3)  Robert Kiyosaki:

“Change your focus, from making money to serving more people.  Serving more people makes the money come in.”


4)  Adam Grant:

“Efficiency comes from making progress on your to-do list. Growth comes from moving forward on your to-be list.  Don’t just set targets for the tasks you need to complete.  Set goals for the kind of person you want to become.”


5)  Simon Sinek:

“Stand for people; not a product or service or metric or number.  Stand for real, living, breathing people and we will change the world.”


Have a great day!

Darrell Dean

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