How to Beat Tiger Woods

How to Beat Tiger Woods

I was recently reviewing some old articles and I came
across this one I wrote in July 2005. Given Tiger’s
extraordinary recent win in 2019, I thought some folks
might want to read this one again. My sentiments
expressed in this July 2005 article are as relevant now
in 2019 as they were back then. Enjoy!

Want to know how to beat Tiger Woods at his own game?
Nick Faldo, former golf great, explained how to do just

First, let me set the stage.

I’m not a golf fanatic, nor do I watch a lot of TV.
When flipping channels on Tuesday night, July 25,
(isn’t it amazing how much crap is on TV!) I stumbled
across a golf exhibition tournament being shown on ABC
TV called “Battle at the Bridges,” being played in
Rancho Santa Fe, California.

The golf match featured Tiger Woods and John Daly
paired against Phil Mickelson and Retief Goosen.

About halfway through the match, Nick Faldo, a
commentator and analyst for the show, remarked rather
casually what he thought a competitor should focus on
to beat Tiger Woods at the game of golf.

He went on to say…


I sat stunned!

Then I bolted from my chair as if stung by a bee,
grabbed the first piece of scrap paper I could lay my
hands on, finally found a pen, and then stumbled back
in front of the TV to listen to Nick in fascination.

I wrote notes furiously!

Nick explained:

Tiger defines mentally tough. He possesses an almost
super-human ability to focus and concentrate on each
shot. He doesn’t let his mind wander when he’s on the
course. He remains positive at all times. His
confidence level causes him to expect to make every
shot perfect, and to win the match.

Tiger is in good psychical shape. Never mind the fact
he recently got married. He knows keeping his body in
tune with his mind helps him to remain mentally sharp.
He can, therefore, withstand the enormous pressure of
being one of greatest golfers ever.

Of course Tiger’s technique of swinging golf clubs – to
drive a ball over 300 yards (for you non-golfers,
that’s really long), or to make a 20 foot put – is
well-known and analyzed. Right now, his overall ball-
striking ability is not matched by anyone.

Finally, desire. In most cases, Tiger just wants to
win more than the other golfers. Possessed with so
great a desire to win – in fact obsessed or fanatical
about winning – that Tiger essentially brow-beats his
competitors into thinking they cannot beat him. This
last trait, combined with the other three, makes the
final ingredient of an exceptional golfer.

So what lessons can we take away from Nick Faldo’s
analysis? In other words, how can we apply this
insight into our own online, Internet business?

Let’s briefly look at each point –

1) Mental

Can you concentrate and focus on problems and
challenges for long periods of time? Do you remain
positive and hopeful in your outlook? Are you
expecting success? Do you experience high levels of

This point clearly talks about self-improvement.
Continuous education is a critical success factor.
Your state of mind, the way you think and your outlook
on life and your business directly affects your desired
outcomes. You need to remain mentally tough, just like

2) Psychical

Do you exercise regularly? Do you eat well?

Back in my Network Marketing days a team leader by the
name of Jon Bender suggested the first hour of the day
is the most important. Psychical activity during this
period gives you the energy, the stamina and the
strength to meet the challenges of the day. No matter
when you exercise, though, recognize the importance of
keeping in shape.

3) Technique

Do you read books or take courses or listen to tapes on
a regular basis? Do you study crucial topics like
copywriting, human development, and important industry
trends like Blogs and RSS, for example?

Take time today to reflect on those skills you need to
improve or acquire. Then take action. As stated above
continuous education is critical. Never stop learning.
You must upgrade your skills in this fact-paced
environment or get pushed to the sidelines.

4) Desire

How badly do you desire success (or whatever your
goal)? Do you obsess over it? Do you believe you can
attain it? Can you picture it in your mind?

During this year’s Tour de France an interviewer asked
Lance Armstrong – who just won his 7th consecutive tour
win, an unbelievable accomplishment – if he thought he
and his team helped to raise the level of the sport.
Lance responded by saying yes, because they were
fanatical about cycling. So great their desire they
did not stop until they obtained the best equipment,
the best mechanics, the best training programs, the
best…well, whatever it took to be the absolute best.
If you can feel the desire, the white-hot feeling of
“whatever it takes,” you can accomplish anything you
set your mind to.

Nick Faldo talked about Tiger Woods and his
competitors. But his analogy fits so perfectly for
those of us making a living in the online world.

Remember – be mentally tough and watch what and how you
think; exercise regularly and eat well; read books,
take courses, etc. to continually learn new techniques;
and, finally, create a great big desire within yourself
and believe you can achieve your goals – and, you know
what – you will!

Be the best!

Darrell Dean

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